Note From Food Service Director.

Parents, please make sure you are keeping up with your student's lunch
account balances. We allow a charge limit at each campus but once
that limit is reached the student can no longer charge meals and will
be given an alternate meal consisting of a grilled cheese sandwich,
apple, and milk until a payment is made. We try to send balance
letters home with students on a weekly basis but the majority of the
time the student is not giving the note to the parent and therefore
the account stays delinquent. I usually end up calling parents myself
and most of them never seem to know that there is a balance because
they don't check the accounts themselves or the student never gives
them the notice. The free/reduced meal applications were sent home to
each student at the beginning of the year and they are always
available at each campus as well as the school website and may be
filled out anytime during the school year. If there is a financial
issue PLEASE let me know and i will definitely work with you but if i
don't know then i can't help. Also i have had a lot of parents calling
and asking why their child has a balance since they bring their lunch
but a majority of them ARE coming through the line and then telling
parents that they are not. We do have cameras in each kitchen that
shows who is coming through the line. With all of this being said I
can assure you that I will NEVER deny a child something to eat even if
their account is delinquent because they are not the ones in charge of
the finances. Also if your child has accumulated a balance before a
lunch application was submitted and approved you STILL HAVE TO PAY the
balance owed. It's just like charging on a credit still
have to pay for the stuff you bought. If there are any questions feel
free to email me at or call at
90-504-5393. I PROMISE you that I genuinely care for each child at
our school! Thank you!
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