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COVID Information

The District of Cumberland Academy will be open to all parents and visitors for the 2023-2024 school year!
TEA Covid protocol has not been updated since last school year but if we receive an update, it will be posted.
If you have questions, email your campus school nurse.
*** If you are a student or staff member at any of the Cumberland Academy/Leadership Academy campuses, you MUST notify the campus school nurse if positive. ***
Testing & COVID Protocols Below:
What each campus school nurse will need if a student or staff member of Cumberland / TLA are positive:
  • Name of staff member or student
  • Grade / Teacher 
  • Date of when symptoms started
  • Date of test (Home or PCR)
  • If home test is performed, a photo of the test will need to be sent via txt or email to school nurse for reporting purposes
  • If a PCR test is performed, a photo or hard copy will need to be sent via txt or email to school nurse for reporting purposes
  • Once this info has been sent, the school nurse will give a return date
Siblings in a home with a positive case:
  • The district can no longer mandate siblings remain home as long as they do not have any symptoms. If you choose to keep a student home due to an exposure, the school nurse MUST know for attendance purposes. 
  • If a sibling does have symptoms, they are to follow the same covid protocol as to someone who is positive. The campus school nurse MUST know to be able to give a return date and will need documentation for attendance purposes.
Please understand that the information above may be subject to change.
Revised and updated on 09/12/23
2023-2024 District Covid Positive Cases
(Since first day of school)
Lower Elementary School:
Students: 12
Staff: 3
Upper Elementary School:
Students: 16
Staff: 1
Middle School:
Students: 4
Staff: 5
High School:
Students: 42
Staff: 3
Leadership Academy School:
Students: 9
Staff: 2