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COVID Information

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Advanta with CareFirst Medical provides onsite testing and the PCR results are back within 24 hours thru their electronic portal. The test is done orally in the mouth not the nose. All insurances including Medicaid are accepted. If paying cash, the price is $75.00. 
CLICK HERE to visit the page for address and more information.
Please remember this is JUST a testing cite. Not a treatment center.
Advanta Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
Please check your email, as that is how the school nurses and admin will communicate all information regarding COVID.
Please make sure the front offices have an up to date email address.
  • Water Fountains:
    • Water fountains will be shut down again this 2021-2022 school year on all campuses. Water provisions are at the parents responsibility. 
  • Will volunteers or parents be allowed to visit on campus?
    • No. Cumberland Academy and The Leadership Academy campuses will be a closed district for the year 2021-2022.
    • However, on the first day of school ONLY, Daycare, Pre-Primary, Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms will be allowed to have parents walk their student to the classroom and drop them off.
    • For all other grades, there will be a number of hall monitors and staff helping students to their classrooms if needed.
  • Are masks optional now?
    • As of June 4th, 2021, Governor Abbott has banned public schools from requiring mask mandates. Masks will now be optional until further notice per his executive order.
  • Will online instruction be offered for the 2021-2022 school year?
    • No. Per TEA all students will be required to return to on-campus learning for the 2021-2022 school year.
      • The state may change this and if changes are made, an email notification will be sent.
  • Is the Covid vaccine required to attend school?
    • No. The vaccine is NOT required to attend school. Staff are not required to be vaccinated.
  • How will parents be notified of a positive case inside a classroom?
    • An email will be sent to your student's class notifying that a positive has been confirmed. 
    • If a parent wants their student to wear a mask during school hours, the emailed questionnaire must be completed and sent back to the school so that our school is aware of the parent wanting their mask to be worn at school.
  • How will students and/or staff who are positive for Covid be quarantined?
    • ONLY positive Covid cases and their families inside the household will be quarantined and will follow the family Covid protocol.
      • Positive Covid Protocol:
        • If a positive Covid is detected, the person positive must be quarantined for at least 7 days. On the 8th day, may return if completely symptom free.
      • Anyone living in the home with a Covid positive case:
        • 10 day quarantine starting on the date the positive member confirmed positive and must remain symptom free when returning on the 11th day (All siblings must quarantine)
        • If the student/staff member who was with no symptoms becomes symptomatic, their quarantine starts over and will be out 7 days from the start of their symptoms and may return the 8th day IF symptom free.
      • If you choose to test any other family member that attends the district after a family member has tested positive, please wait until the 8th day of when the positive person is no longer in quarantine if asymptomatic. You may test earlier if symptoms occur.
      • If a student/staff member is directly exposed to someone who tests positive and wants to be tested due to the exposure to know for themselves, please wait at least 4 days from the last date of exposure to ensure you are not testing too early unless running symptoms at that time. 
  • What testing is approved if I am tested?
    • If the test is a COVID positive test, a Rapid or PCR are acceptable
    • If the test is negative, it MUST be a PCR test.
  • Do I keep my student home when testing?
    • Yes. If you have tested your student, he/she must remain home until the results come back. 
    • If a student/staff member is tested, a copy of the results MUST be emailed to the campus school nurse in order to return.
  • If I receive an email that my child's class has a positive, do I quarantine due to an exposure in the classroom?
    • No. Only students or staff positive or their household will be quarantined. Parents have the choice to quarantine their student if they wish to do so but the front office AND the school nurse MUST know for the absences to be excused.
  • If my student tests positive or a family member of the student tests positive, will the absences be excused due to having to quarantine?
    • Yes. But ONLY if the front office AND school nurse is aware in order for the students to be coded as excused. 
  • Is a staff member or student who tests positive required to have a negative test to return to school/work?
    • No. The body can test positive up to several weeks after one is no longer infective due to the shedding of the virus. As long as you finish the quarantine period and are symptom free upon return date given, you may return to school/work at that time without a negative test once out of quarantine.
  • Will breakfast and lunch be served in the cafeteria or classroom?
    • CAES: Cafeteria
    • CAMS: Cafeteria
    • CAH: Classrooms
  • Can I have lunch delivered to my student's school?
    • No. Lunches may not be delivered to any school campus.
  • Will air purifiers be inside each classroom on all campuses?
    • Yes. Each classroom and the cafeterias will have air purifiers.
Please understand that the information above may be subject to change.
2021-2022 District Covid Positive Cases
(Since first day of school)
Elementary School:
Students: 35
Staff: 13
Middle School:
Students: 33
Staff: 4
High School:
Students: 47
Staff: 4
Leadership Academy:
Students: 15
Staff: 2
District COVID-19
Positive Cases:
Elementary School: 
13 - Staff
33 - Students
2 - Online Students
Middle School:
6 - Staff
20 - Students
2 - Online Students
High School:
10 - Staff
73 - Students
1 - Online Students
Leadership Academy: 
11 - Staff
10 - Students
2 - Online Students