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COVID/Illness Information

CDC protocol has been updated as of 03/13/24.
If you have questions, email/call your campus school nurse.
*** If you are a student or staff member at any of the Cumberland Academy/Leadership Academy campuses, you MUST notify the campus school nurse if positive for any contagious illness. ***
Contagious Illness Protocols:
Who does the parent or staff member contact regarding contagious illnesses or anything medically related?
How long does the student/staff member stay home if positive for Covid or any other contagious illness:
  • He/She must be fever free without the use of tylenol/motrin for at least 24 hours to return to school. If a bacterial infection occurs, he/she must also be on antibiotics for at least 24 hours as well to return to school.
  • Please remember, not all contagious illnesses cause fever! 
What each campus school nurse will need if a student or staff member are positive for Covid or contagious illness:
  • Name of person, grade or campus, doc note, etc 
  • If positive for covid, a photo of the home test or doc note showing a positive result is needed.
For more information, you can visit the link below - CDC protocols:
Please understand that the information above may be subject to change.
Revised and updated on 03/13/24
2023-2024 District Covid Positive Cases
(Since first day of school)
Lower Elementary School:
Students: 12
Staff: 3
Upper Elementary School:
Students: 16
Staff: 1
Middle School:
Students: 4
Staff: 5
High School:
Students: 42
Staff: 3
Leadership Academy School:
Students: 9
Staff: 2