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Cumberland Academy Offers A Comprehensive Fine Arts Program

Cumberland Academy is proud to offer a dynamically comprehensive fine arts
program commencing in Kindergarten and continuing all the way to graduation
from high school. Beginning with the K-2nd, every student is enrolled in art, dance,
music, and theatre classes with master teachers who seek to inspire the students
to respect and love the arts. As students move forward, our 3rd-5th graders are all
enrolled in a visual arts class as well as given the opportunity to choose between
dance and physical education and choose between violin, choir, and theatre.

Moving ahead to the middle school, students bring with them a solid foundation
from their visual and performing arts training from the elementary campus. A
distinct feature of our middle school is having time built into each student’s daily
schedule to allow him or her to enroll in two to three fine arts classes that meet
every day without conflicting with sports or academics. Following the tradition of
elementary offerings, a full slate of opportunities are available encompassing art,
band, choir, dance, orchestra, theatre, and musical theatre with the goal of
preparing and providing performance and competitive opportunities which has
resulted in numerous awards and accolades for our students, teachers, and the

Identifiably, our fine arts programs become more specialized at the high school
level still offering the option of studying two to three elective classes every day.
The rigorous instruction of our high school fine arts teachers prepares our
students for college auditions, produces scholarship recipients and students that
exemplify an impressive work ethic. Where many school districts today are
experiencing a decline in student participation in the arts, over 70 % of the high
student body is enrolled in at least one fine arts class. Our retention rate is
amazing at Cumberland and many of our students have been involved in their
particular fine arts for 10 years straight.

With the completion of our beautiful state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center,
Cumberland Academy is excited to showcase the talents and achievements of all
our students K-12. A tour of the new facility is a testament of our commitment to
providing the best opportunities for all of our Cumberland students to excel and
grow in the appreciation of the arts. If you are looking for a school district that
values and promotes fine arts education and opportunities for all students,
Cumberland Academy is the place.
To schedule a tour of the new Performing Arts Center, contact Pam Eikner, Fine Arts Director, at [email protected]
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