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Substitute Information

We currently have over 105 substitutes on our district list. We do not need anymore at this time but you are still welcome to apply and your application will be placed on hold.
Cumberland Academy is committed to providing quality instruction from innovative, caring, and passionate educators. We recruit substitute teachers with these characteristics to fill in as needed. Our substitute teachers play an important role in achieving student success. Additionally, substitute teaching provides an opportunity to gain experience and see first-hand what it takes to be a successful teacher at Cumberland Academy. 
  • To be considered for a substitute position, please fill out the online application if you can not send your resume and pre-employment affidavit via email to the email.
  • By submitting your application online you are agreeing that all information submitted is true and correct to the best of your ability. 
  • If you have not subbed at Cumberland Academy within a year, you will need to email HR and see if your file needs to be updated.
  • Substitutes pay dates run from the 15th of one month through 14th of next month, and are distributed on 27th for that period.
  • The current rate for substitutes is $90 per day and $45 for half a day.
Click here to begin the online employment application.
The pre-employment affidavit must be sent with the resume/online application to be considered. Please note these affidavits are kept confidential in the Human Resource Department separate from the applications.
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