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Our goal at Cumberland is to provide exemplary support and language services for our English language learners, parents, and teachers. We believe that our students' backgrounds, languages, and experiences provide a rich platform for learning, and our staff strives each day to do whatever it takes to help each child be successful.
Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program serves students in all grades. Cumberland Academy has nine languages represented by our students and parents including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Gujarati, Filipino, Urdu, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Currently, for grades Kindergarten through 5th, Cumberland Academy offers ESL through content-based instruction and targeted pull-outs for intervention to support our students' language and academic needs. Middle school students grades 6 through 8 receive content-based instruction, support through small group intervention, and reading recovery classes.
Our children are why we are here, and we firmly believe in holistically preparing every child for academic, affective, social, linguistic, and cultural success.