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Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-step model that promotes a well-integrated system connecting general, compensatory, and special education in providing high-quality, standards-based instruction and intervention matched to students’ academic and behavioral needs. A continuum of intervention tiers with increasing levels of intensity and duration is central to RTI. Collaborative educational decisions are based on data derived from frequent monitoring of student progress and rate of learning.

The RTI process has the potential to limit the amount of academic failure that any student experiences and to increase the accuracy of special education evaluations. Its use could also reduce the number of children who are mistakenly identified as having learning or behavioral disabilities. Information and data gathered by an RTI process can lead to earlier identification of children who have true disabilities and are in need of entitlement services (i.e., 504 or Special Education).

Should you have any further questions regarding RTI, please contact your child’s school.